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What's new & what's changed at www.worldrailfans.org

John Oxlade (EMail: [email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jun 4 2000, 13:13
asked: What's new & what's changed at www.worldrailfans.org
This page is used to list recent changes to the site, updates etc.

Although there is nothing to stop other people adding comments here, please leave the webmster to make announcements.
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Dec 31 2003, 22:38 GMT
responded: I have been working on a new look-n-feel for WorldRailFans.org.

I still have a lot of the site to overhaul but I have replaced all the old articles and they are in the new format. If you want to go and view the new-look site (still incomplete) and get access to some articles that have been off the site for some time, go and have a look at:


Note that this page will disappear once the new look goes "truly live".

Have fun and let me know what you all think.

John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Dec 31 2003, 22:41 GMT
responded: Oh, PS, I need to kick-start the news articles too. Anyone who has any news to post, let me know and I'll upload it. The NEWS entries are in capitals under each section. Updating the site is now MUCH easier for me, so if anyone would like to write any articles I promise I can add them much more quickly. In fact, I changed all of the old articles to the new format in 1 day.
Tim Hale (EMail:) from UK on Dec 31 2003, 23:29 GMT
responded: I like the New Look, the old site was getting tired. Thank you, John, for doing so much for us. We appreciate your efforts

Best Wishes for 2004

Bryan Benn (EMail:[email protected]) from West Malling, UK on Jan 1 2004, 14:37 GMT
responded: HEAR HEAR!

Looks great.

Replacement NEWS item now sent. Short article to follow.

Bryan B

Bryan Benn (EMail:[email protected]) from West Malling, UK on Jan 1 2004, 14:38 GMT
responded: Or should that have been, "HERE HERE"?

Bryan B
Hans (EMail:) from Toronto, Canada on Jan 1 2004, 18:05 GMT
responded: re the new look:


My only comments are just quibbles:

Some links annoyingly open pages in new browser windows. I know some people prefer lots and lots of open browser windows, but most browsers already give you the choice of current or new window. Most browsers do not offer the choice to open in the current window if the link targets a new window.

Some images aren't sized appropriately. For example, the page Kadee couplers for European HO rolling stock uses a number of 1024x768 JPEG's which makes the loading time unacceptable for those of us using dial-up internet access. (Hopefully, there aren't too many pages like that.)

Cheers! Hans
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jan 1 2004, 20:00 GMT
responded: Uh, which links open a new session? On the loco pages I have it set (I hope) to open new pages for each of the images, but I thought 9?) most of the others were just normal opens. Actually, I think I figured out why this happens. Bummer :-(

The Kadee page was a cut-n-paste from the old one, but I am off to fix it now.... Uploading now.
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jan 1 2004, 21:35 GMT
responded: I have hopefully fixed all the linking problems (i.e. opening a new window) and I also found a few other problems whilst I was at it.
Bob Nelson (EMail:[email protected]) from Austin, TX, USA on Jan 2 2004, 1:50 GMT
responded: "Hear, hear," Bryan.
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jan 2 2004, 8:56 GMT
responded: Question for you all... Does anyone actually USE the noticeboard for buying and selling stuff? I don't keep much of an eye on it to be honest so would look to your views. If it is of no vlaue, I might just scrap it rather than move it to the new look.
Bryan Benn (EMail:[email protected]) from West Malling, UK on Jan 2 2004, 9:19 GMT
responded: BOSS,

My view would be to scrap it, rather than add to your workload. I'm told everyone uses EBAY to buy and sell these days! If you type in many things into GOOGLE, Ebay seem to come out on top of the list asking if you want to buy one. It even offered me the chance to buy an German 01.10 pacific once....fancy it raising my hopes so cruely!

Bob, thanks. Do you know why that expression is used?

Bryan B
Jan Frelin (EMail:) from Stockholm, Sweden on Jan 2 2004, 12:42 GMT
responded: I agree with Bryan. I also tend to use local Swedish sites for buying and selling, to avoid freight costs.
Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on Jan 2 2004, 14:17 GMT
responded: Bryan,
'Hear hear' is believed to stemmed from use in parliament in the 18th century. It is thought that the original phrase was 'hear him'. Maybe it was changed to avoid antagonising the suffragettes ? However if you listen to parliament today on the radio, almost every sentence is followed by muffled tones of approval (or disagreement). You can't actually tell whether they are saying 'hear hear', 'hear him' or even 'baa baa'. At least they are indicating that they are still awake.

Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on Jan 2 2004, 14:21 GMT
responded: John,
The new site layout is excellent. It's much quicker to find what I'm looking for. And if it is easier for you to maintain, all the better. Great !

George (EMail:) from Alabama on Jan 2 2004, 18:44 GMT
responded: The buy & sell Noticeboard would be much more useful if posters/listers would give a "posted date" and "reply by date." Then the old ones could be deleted.
Kurt Möller (EMail:) from Stockholm, Sw. on Jan 3 2004, 13:18 GMT
responded: Looks good...! Just a tiny detail: "Links" should obviosly be illustrated with a European screw coupling AND an MCB coupler...!!! /kurt
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Feb 14 2004, 19:23 GMT
responded: I have just completely reworked the Garden Railway part of the site to not use frames. I am prety certain I haven't missed anything, but if anyone notices a broken link or image please let me know.


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