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Photographs or information needed to complete articles at www.worldrailfans.org

John Oxlade (EMail: [email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jun 4 2000, 13:18
asked: Photographs or information needed to complete articles at www.worldrailfans.org
This page is to be used by the webmaster or authors looking for additional information or photographs to complete articles for inclusion on www.worldrailfans.org
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jun 4 2000, 13:22
responded: I was wondering if there was anyone out there who might be able to track down some images I could use to complete the articles on UP locos.


Is the index page to a series of articles on UP diesels over the years.

Although it has just now shut down, the Union Pacific Photo Archives was an excellent place to locate shots of newer UP power, but I am rather short of illustrations for the older locos. At the moment I am specifically looking for shots of the following UP classes:

Alco S3
Alco FA1
Alco PA1
EMD SD45 - non Sulzer rebuilt

Over time more articles will appear, and John Bruce and I will probably need a few more photos, so a "good source" rather than "I've got just one" would be ideal, but I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to help.

Come to that, if anyone would like to offer to write an article, that would be great too.

Many thanks in anticipation,
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jun 4 2000, 16:27
responded: Can someone confirm whether the Kato NW2 was available in UP black livery or just yellow/grey?
John Bruce (EMail:) from LA on Jun 4 2000, 18:08
responded: The NW2 was definitely done in the early black with yellow slogans on the first run -- there is still one of these in the case at Allied Models. I always liked the model, partly because I have good photos of the scheme, but could never justify getting one, because the scheme doesn't go along with many other UP diesels -- they changed it pretty fast when they decided to go with the yellow and gray.
sebastien richet (EMail:[email protected]) from Vienna Austria on Jun 13 2000, 16:26
responded: A few adresses (including people would are really helpfull!)

- http://espee.railfan.net (Southern Pacific)
- http://www.sphts.org/photlink.html
- http://espee.railfan.net/bulletin.html (espee links)
- http://www.gnrhs.org/hs06000.htm (Great northern links)
- http://www.northeast.railfan.net

Hope that it may help you finding the UP locs!

Lech Smigaj (EMail:[email protected]) from Poznan-Poland on Apr 14 2001, 10:53 GMT
responded: I am looking for "Flying Hamburger" plan(construction drawing)from 1938
and painting .
Would you like to send me same pictues?
Zeljka (EMail:[email protected]) from Varazdin, Croatia on Aug 23 2001, 19:33 GMT
responded: Hi!
Could you do with digital photographs from Croatia!
And if you so, could it be paid for, mighty soon too.


Rogier Donker (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Aug 23 2001, 21:40 GMT
???Say What????
HRR anyway!
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Oct 23 2001, 9:30 GMT
responded: I need to clean this page up a bit. Anyway.....

A few weeks ago I asked what happened on or around 29th June 1964 (my birthday). I was thinking that this sort of thing could form an interesting theme for an occasional article in the web magazine.

What I was thinking of was something like as many people as possible from all over the world put together a few sentences or paragraphs stating what happened on the railways in their country in a specific year. So you could have an article "In the year 1970", then say Martin Silz puts together a few words on Germany in 1970, Pierre Birge does the same for France, Steve Palmano would seem to be able to write on just about any country :-)), Kenny Ericson could cover Sweden etc. Each person would only have to contribute a small amount of information, but combined it'd be an interesting overview.

OK, so it is my bright idea, but what do you think?
Martin Silz (EMail:[email protected]) from Essen / Germany on Oct 23 2001, 10:55 GMT
responded: Why 1970? Let's start with 1964 :-)) .
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Oct 23 2001, 11:04 GMT
responded: Oh don't be picky, 1970 was only an example. Perhaps 1964 would be a good year - or perhaps it wouldn't.

Perhaps the theme for each one could be "XYZ was born in 19xx, what happened in the railway world that year?" then go through various people's year or birth. What do you think?
Martin Silz (EMail:[email protected]) from Essen / Germany on Oct 23 2001, 12:03 GMT
responded: Sounds good.
So guys, some input on various years please.
Steve P (EMail:) from Dallas, TX on Oct 23 2001, 17:28 GMT
responded: John O., one of the big railway events of 1964 - apart from your arrival, that is - was the start of the first Japanese Shinkansen service, Tokyo - Osaka. I guess the exact date depends upon whether you look at trial running, initial service, or full service, but I think the first through run was mid-year, so maybe not too many days removed from your zeroth birthday! About the best proximate event that I can muster, for the back end of 1949, is the release of the GP7. I don't think it quite compares....

What else? 1964 in New Zealand: I think (but this needs to be checked) it was the year in which the first of the K/Ka/Kb class 4-8-4 steam fleet was killed. Black armbands for the steam enthusiasts - the end really was nigh!

In Australia in 1964, the local branch of English Electric produced the first of QR's 1270 class, probably one of its best-ever locomotive models.
Steve P (EMail:) from Dallas, TX on Oct 23 2001, 18:05 GMT
responded: In the USA in 1964, SP received its second batch of K-M diesel-hydraulic locomotives. These might have been the first diesel-hydraulics equipped from the outset to MU with diesel-electrics. (I still haven't 'closed the book' on that issue - need to track down that possible Spanish metre gauge case.)
Tom George (EMail:[email protected]) from Phoenix, AZ, USA on Jul 26 2002, 4:39 GMT
responded: Am an HO gage modeler. I wish to model -> erie camelback 0-8-8-0 steam locomotive. Need photos of both sides; and, if possible, a top view.
Can anyone help?
Dave Howell (EMail:[email protected]) from Plaistow on Jul 26 2002, 7:43 GMT
responded: Tom

Try http://abpr.railfan.net

I remember seeing some pictures last week. I cannot tell you which date they were posted, all I can say is that it is between January and March 2002. My feeling is that it is towards the end. You will have several hundred pictures to go through.

For anyone else who has never visited this site I recommend it for when you have the odd couple of months with nothing to do.

Terrrry Hasell (EMail:[email protected]) from Paris on Jan 17 2003, 9:08 GMT
responded: I am collecting Fleischmann N Gauge Limited Edition sets
and would be interested in details to locate the following sets
I would accept used models but they would need to be in pristine condition
terry hasell
Pierre Rasquin (EMail:[email protected]) from Paris France on Jan 17 2003, 10:38 GMT
responded: From Paris to Paris,


Do you mean that you are looking for purchasing the sets that you quoted? Would it be the case, most of them are regularly proposed for auction sale on Ebay Germany. Also most of the sellers accept to deliver abroad. I suggest that you have a look there.

Pierre R
Jeffrey Smith (EMail:[email protected]) from Virginia, USA on Jan 17 2003, 14:38 GMT
responded: From one Fleischmann collector to another.


You have quite an adventure before you. Either you are collecting Epoch I Fleischmann or you have a desire to collect all of the limited edition sets. I have done very much the same with the Fleischmann HO sets - except for the Epoch II DRG sets I have almost the complete collection. It has been fun, but also a lot of searching.

Pierre is correct: E-Bay is a very good source for theses sets. I have seen every HO and N scale set for sale by Fleischmann - either by piece (locomotive or car) or complete set. Fortunately you will find most of them in very good+ to excellent condition. I have not been disappointed in my efforts to collect these on e-Bay. Along with e-Bay you may be able to find some of these items through this site:


In particular, this one (7881) is listed under N-Spur (Train Sets):


I have purchased some HO Fleischmann items from this site in the past. This site accepts PayPal. The seller speaks passable English, and is very helpful and friendly.

Good luck. Be patient, don't overpay or overbid for these items. They are more available than you might think.

John Belcher (EMail:[email protected]) from Chippenham UK on Feb 20 2003, 22:13 GMT
responded: I freely admit to not knowing anythng about trains but I am looking for a picture of a Beyer and Peacock 4-6-4 ideally from the First War. I have been asked by the local museum to cross ref a First World War diary of a soldier who served with the 118th Railway Company, Royal Engineers.They used these engines and I need the picture to check illustrate the diary.

If anyone can help me by either sending teh picture by e-mail to me or just by giing me a link to a site that has a picture it would be much apprciated.

Thanks for your help
marcello Talamo (EMail:[email protected]) from S�o Paulo - Brasil on Mar 17 2003, 2:41 GMT
responded: Why some old tank cars in england have a cross of david in iours paint schemes??? 10ks. marcello
Yevgeny Kushnir (EMail:[email protected]) from Philly, PA USA on Mar 17 2003, 14:28 GMT
responded: What's a "cross of David"?? I know the "star of David", but a cross??
Rui Barbeiro (EMail:[email protected]) from Portugal on Aug 29 2003, 13:11 GMT
responded: Hello

I'm loock for an adress or contact for the old Linke Hofmann Breslau!
In Portugal he have several hold coaches made by Linke,four the post office,and CP but poor information and no oficial photos!

Who Can help me?

Rui Barbeiro

Ernst Olsson (EMail:[email protected]) from Denmark on Sep 24 2003, 11:22 GMT
responded: My brother just bought the M�rklin V11.5 (Tee) trainset.

We do not drive digital only conventional trafo.

Is anybody here able to tell my how it is possible (if it is)to turn on the interieor light in the wagons?

The manual sayes nothing about this matter.

What is the differens betwenn digital and Delta ?

Thank You very much and have a nice day
Klaas Zondervan (EMail:zondervan(a)zeelandnet.nl) from Middelburg, NL on Sep 24 2003, 14:35 GMT
responded: Ernst,
Delta is a stripped version of the M�rklin Motorola digital system. In the older Delta decoders the function to switch lights is left out.
So if there is a Delta decoder inside, then the only possibility to light the lights is to connect them directly to the current pickup.
For more information about Delta look at the Digital pages of www.maerklin.de
Tim Hale (EMail:[email protected]) from Dorset, UK on Nov 3 2003, 9:44 GMT
responded: On-line (download-able) images of track, preferably German pre-UIC, to illustrate an article on track that is 99.9% complete.

I have started to compile a list of track-related track links that should be of benefit for all gauges and skill levels. In addition, I am trying to work out how to include HO turnout templates for DRG track but one thing at a time, please.


Tim Hale (EMail:) from Dorset on Nov 3 2003, 23:18 GMT
responded: I have just managed to complete track building link page using images from Freefoto.com, nice people.

Please take a look


Tim Hale (EMail:) from Dorset on Nov 3 2003, 23:21 GMT
responded: Well I never,try this instead

Mea Culpa


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