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Problems with www.worldrailfans.org - i.e. Things that don't work properly

John Oxlade (EMail: [email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on May 22 2000, 17:21
asked: Problems with www.worldrailfans.org - i.e. Things that don't work properly
Please use this page to report problems you are experiencing with www.worldrailfans.org - like it says, things that don't seem to work properly.


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Jeffrey Smith (EMail:[email protected]) from Virginia, USA on May 14 2003, 19:28 GMT
responded: Ghost Thread Updates?

I have noticed that some threads appear when doing a search on recent discussions that in fact have no recent discussion. The most recent thread to appear in this manner is:

Reflections on the Future of modeling 2027?

The most recent "update" was in 2002. Why is it appearing in a search for discussions in the last 18 hours?
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on May 14 2003, 20:20 GMT
responded: Probably because someone has hit the "update categories" button, that'll change the last updated date.

I use it sometimes myself to nudge a discussion that has gone quiet.

Gene (EMail:[email protected]) from Montreal on May 14 2003, 21:31 GMT
responded: I've been wondering why that happens.....thanks for the explanation John....of course now that you've told me how to do it ( and I have just tested it) you might find you've created a monster BWHAHAHAHAHA! BWHAHAHAHA!

Gene :o)))
Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on May 14 2003, 21:50 GMT
responded: Gene,
So it was you who nudged the (unfinished) Beer tank cars thread. Thanks for the reminder. I'm off down to the pub.
Cheers, Alan :-)
Ernest Leung (EMail:[email protected]) from Hong Kong , China on May 24 2003, 15:39 GMT
responded: Every time I wanted to start a new disscussion, I couldn't. Every time I filled in my name, e-mail address, homeland, and my questions, it always took a long time to submit, and when the screen which should appear my new uploaded question, it said that I was entering insufficient information, and that I haven't written any of my own personal information, neither of my name nor my address. So my question is not uploaded. Please help to fix that! Thanks you very much.
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on May 24 2003, 19:43 GMT
responded: There seemed to be a problem earlier in even getting to the site - for me anyway. The fact that you have been able to post here Ernest means that is is now working.
lester (EMail:[email protected]) from usa on Jul 14 2003, 3:01 GMT
responded: i dont dont what happen with hotmail tahat dont work
Bob Nelson (EMail:lionelsoni at aol.com) from Austin, TX, USA on Oct 16 2003, 15:02 GMT
responded: John, the search seems not to be working. It finds nothing, not even "train".
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Oct 16 2003, 18:21 GMT
responded: You are right. Working on it. Works now. Thanks for letting me know.

John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Dec 2 2003, 22:01 GMT
responded: Would whoever it is that keeps pressing the "update categories" button on various discussions stop doing it please. This is only to be used for changing categories and the side-effect of "nudging" a discussion to the foreground is rather annoying if nothing has actually changed.
Rogier Donker (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Dec 3 2003, 13:56 GMT
responded: You tell'em John! I was beginning to wonder if I should call on Luigi et al....
Richard Cacciato (EMail:[email protected]) from New York on Dec 3 2003, 15:32 GMT

Thanks for explaining what was happening. It was driving me nuts.

Clinton Ross (EMail:[email protected]) from Boston, US on Dec 3 2003, 17:46 GMT

One of these days Der Sitemeister will determine a way to identify the "whoever it is". The dilemma then becomes what to do with der kleinemausclicker. It would not take too much to arrive at some modest suggestions....

Clinton (flammespritring)

Tim Hale (EMail:) from UK on Dec 3 2003, 18:04 GMT
responded: Easy enough to do, John Bruce led the way with a Site Meter, a device used on my own website. I can see you is looking and at what pages and precisely when. I bet the person who complained to MOBA/GHM didn't know that.

Boyce Burdick (EMail:bburdick_at_owt.com) from Richland WA USA on Dec 3 2003, 19:45 GMT
responded: Tim--such a "Site Meter" won't work if one uses a hardware firewall. Such a firewall gives out an IP address for itself but hides the IP addresses of any PC's behind it. You can probably still get the name of the internet provider.
Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on Dec 21 2003, 11:38 GMT
responded: It was a surprise today to see a new feature on this site - the Nudge button. I tested it and discovered no unwanted side effects. Hopefully this will appear on other discussions where the BOSS would tacitly approve of the occasional nudge.

John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Dec 21 2003, 11:56 GMT
responded: Actually... I didn't change much at all. All I did was to remove all of the options except one category from a discussion and rename the "Update" to "Nudge". Due to the way the forum works I had to put back a single category button or it didn't work properly, but apart from that, no real difference.

If you press "Update categories" on any discussion it does the same thing.
Alan Rees (EMail:) from Switzerland on Dec 21 2003, 12:29 GMT
responded: Life is more exciting when you have a fickle dictator who sometimes castigates those who play with the 'update categories' button, and other times suggests how useful it is. For those of us who dare to press this button, and live permanently in fear of the arbritrary punishment, I was suggesting the provision of a separate nudge button only on discussions which may be nudged without incurring the wrath of our beloved BOSS.

Jan Frelin (EMail:) from Bålsta, Sweden on Jan 2 2004, 18:51 GMT
responded: The search function seems to have died. Also, at least one of the change dates on front page is wrong ;-)
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jan 2 2004, 19:12 GMT
responded: Uh, search works OK for me - I just tried it.

If you mean the "yellow" front page, don't worry, that has only a short life expectancy. The "blue" home page (soon to be new, son-of WRF) has no dates on it.
Jan Frelin (EMail:) from the same on Jan 2 2004, 22:51 GMT
responded: I just tried entering "BR 75" in the search and ended up with a blank page.
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Jan 2 2004, 22:54 GMT
responded: Ummm, weird. "br 75" doesn't work, but "br75" works fine. I haven't changed the search engine at all so I can only assume that it hasn't ever worked.
Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on Jan 2 2004, 23:16 GMT
responded: Quite a few database search algorithms require a minimum of 3 characters in a search word. These are probably based the AIM search technology introduced by Datapoint in the late 70s.

Tibor Weidner (EMail:[email protected]) from Aachen, Germany on Jan 27 2004, 13:45 GMT
responded: Hi,

the last hours I get delivery failure messages from servers or adresses with whom I never dealt before and where the mail is coming from [email protected] From this adress I cannot send any mail! I don't know if it is this page or other people whom I gave this adress for writing me. Have others encountered this problem?

I saw some people writing their adress with blanks or "ad" instead of "@" or dot instead of ".". But this is not the solution, because in older discussions the correct adress remains. The only way of ruling this out on this page would be a total find+replace of all email-adresses in the forum with "ad" or something like this. But this I presume is much work.

Alan Rees (EMail:[email protected]) from Switzerland on Jan 27 2004, 14:05 GMT
responded: Tibor,
Those so called 'delivery failure messages' are one of the many disguises for the current Mydoom virus. See also the discussion on 'Virus warning'.

Tibor Weidner (EMail:l. a.) from l. a. on Jan 27 2004, 15:58 GMT
responded: Well I (indeed our firewall) got a virus message some minutes ago (subject was test), today seems to be Virus-time!

so be careful
Michael Carlsson (EMail:) from Nynäshamn, Sweden on Mar 7 2004, 18:14 GMT
responded: Just tried to provide a link, somehow my link ended up as my mail adress, although I wrote the HTML in the message area. Huh? What did I do wrong?
Was it because I didn't give the hyperlink a certain title?
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Mar 7 2004, 19:49 GMT
responded: It is working fine. I just checked the URL you entered and you didn't terminate it with the </A> tag.
Michael Carlsson (EMail:) from Nyh SE on Mar 8 2004, 13:08 GMT
responded: John,
thanks. I see what's wrong then.
Bob Nelson (EMail:lionelsoni at aol.com) from Austin, TX, USA on Mar 23 2004, 14:37 GMT
responded: John, the forum is not showing any updates, at least not in the last 10000 days.
Martin Silz (EMail:Martin.Silz_at_WorldRailFans.org) from Essen / Germany on Mar 23 2004, 15:09 GMT
responded: Problem fixed, now it works as usual.

Jan Frelin (EMail:) from Bålsta, Sweden on Apr 15 2004, 11:48 GMT
responded: It seems that the function for checking for updated discussions doesn't work, I drew a blank over 6 days. (And I *know* I've been prattling here during that time.)
Martin Silz (EMail:Martin.Silz_at_WorldRailFans.org) from Essen / Germany on Apr 15 2004, 12:42 GMT
responded: I fixed the problem once again. Now everything should work as usual.

John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Apr 15 2004, 12:54 GMT
responded: This is "kind of" an on-going problem when people do not select any categories for their discussion. It is a bit of a pain to fix, so thanks Martin.
Bob Nelson (EMail:lionelsoni at aol.com) from Austin, TX, USA on May 4 2004, 15:02 GMT
responded: John, I see a blank topic in a search for the last day. It says only

, last updated: Jan 1 1970, 0:00 GMT

It's not a problem, except in that it may indicate something else's not working.
Rogier Donker (EMail:) from USA on May 5 2004, 4:04 GMT
responded: Yo! Bob!
That happened to me too last night, but tonight everything is working just fine!
BTW Sunday night for the very first time : when I hit the update in last 18 hrs. button NOTHING HAD BEEN UPDATED...I had never experienced that! :-)
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on May 5 2004, 9:32 GMT
responded: It looksl ike someone has fixed this. The forum is not perfect. One of these days I will have to re-write it, but I am not looking forward to it :-(

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