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The WWII and/or military modellers FAQ

John Oxlade (EMail: [email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Feb 19 2001, 19:21 GMT
asked: The WWII and/or military modellers FAQ
If you have arrived at this site as the result of a search or recommendation that it is a place to find the answers to military railway modelling - WELCOME.

This site is essentially for those with an interest in RAILWAYS not military subjects, however these obviously sometimes cross over.

If you are searching for information on military railways during any period (not just the Second World War) then it is POSSIBLE that we may be able to help you.

However, I would ask that you observe a few common courtesies:

First off, please go back to The RAILWAY DISCUSSION FORUM index and deselect (take out the tick) from Select all of the following categories regardless of which boxes are ticked, then tick the box Military railways. Finally, set the time to no time limit. Now press the "Find all those discussions..." button. This will list all of the discussions on this site concerning military railway modelling.

If this does not work, try going to the Site Search Page and enter what you would like to search for. Please note that this can be very slow as it has to search 85Mb of data.

If neither of these answer your questions, either append your specific questions to one that is essentially similar, or go to the index page and start a new discussion. When you have finished typing in your request press the "Submit" button, then go and tick the "Military railway" box and press the "Update" button.

If there is someone on the site who knows, you should get an answer within a day or so.

Many thanks,
John Oxlade
Mark Dunckhorst (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Mar 22 2001, 19:25 GMT
responded: Would it be O.K. to click other relevant boxes as well? Say if you wanted to know about American trains during the Civil War, or German WWII trains, could you click the corresponding Country? Or Experimental, if it was either one of a kind or a paper project?
Thank You,
John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on Mar 23 2001, 9:45 GMT
responded: Absolutley, it is just that ticking military will group that in with the others.

John Oxlade (EMail:[email protected]) from Salfords, Surrey, UK on May 21 2001, 10:36 GMT
responded: Incidentally, one of the visitors to this site maintains a website on German military railway subjects, so you may want to check out that site too before posting here: http://www.geocities.com/mnrdunck/index.html (The Other Side of the Tracks)
Thomas Farrell (EMail:[email protected]) from Australia on Jun 17 2001, 12:42 GMT
responded: Please could somebody recommend any book where I might find description and photo of German military rail tranport in operation as I am modeling this particular period of time
thank you for your help
Rogier Donker (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Jun 17 2001, 14:26 GMT
Yo! Thomas!

Go visit the above website and/or do a search here! You'll find your answer! :-)
Thomas Farrell (EMail:) from Australia on Jun 19 2001, 16:04 GMT
responded: Thanks Rogier .Found it .Spot on
Jack (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Sep 2 2002, 3:12 GMT
responded: I am trying to find some information about some Marklin Trains # 3046, 3021and 3065. Could you tell me their value?
Mark Dunck (EMail:[email protected]) from USA on Sep 15 2002, 23:51 GMT
responded: Hi
http://www.geocities.com/mnrdunck/index.html (The Other Side of the Tracks) has been changed to http://panzerzuge.com/ There was some confusion as there was another site called The Other Side of the Tracks ( http://www.nycrail.com/ ) which is devoted to the NYC Subway.

DOUCET Marc (EMail:[email protected]) from VENDOME-FRANCE on Nov 4 2002, 22:16 GMT
responded: I try to find all informations about HITLER and RIBBENTROP's train that were used between October the 22th and the 24th for the meeting between A HITLER and Mar�chal PETAIN in MONTOIRE. We want realise an exibition about this french tragedy in the MONTOIRE railway station and we have need informations about the material used (drawing, photos...)to bild a scale model of the station in October 1940 with both trains along the plateform.
Each help is welcoming Thank you.
Tim Augustine (EMail:[email protected]) from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada on Nov 23 2002, 10:09 GMT
responded: Hello;
2 things:
(1) I am looking for research information on German Military Troop Trains, I want to find out about 4 different types of military trains the Germans used during WWII. The I-Train(Infatriezuge), K- Train (Kraftfahrzuge) S-train(Sonderzuge) and the Sp-Train (Sonderpanzerzuge).

(2) I would like to know if any model railroad companies manufacture German Wartime Locomotives. I hope to beable to recreate one or all four of these troop trains.
Doug Howard (EMail:[email protected]) from Brookings, Oregon, USA on Nov 24 2002, 2:46 GMT
responded: Tim,

There are, indeed, models of these locomotives in HO. (I can't speak to other scales, in all candor.)

Three firms come to mind: Liliput, Roco and REI. In the USA, we can purchase them from TEE-USA, or Reynauld's Euro-Imports. However, hold onto your hat before you check on the prices!

Quite likely you might be able to purchase them from Eurofirms at significantly lower prices. But, I offer a caveat: SWASTIKAS! Put simply, the notorious Nazi symbol is understandably banned in virtually all countries of Europe.

In some cases, if this point of accuracy is important to you, you may find that "Kriegslokomotives" offered for the non-European market may spot this ugly symbol, whereas in Europe they won't. (I discovered this interesting point when I was active in plastic armor and aircraft models...)

I hope this helps! :-)
Clark R. Klinkert (EMail:) from United States on Sep 30 2003, 11:21 GMT
responded: I'm looking for photos of German WW II flatcars, namely (2) wheeled per truck medium-heavy SSy cars, for a modeling project I'm doing. I tried some of the links mentioned but they're coming back as "Not Found".
I've found some VERY limited photos but none with the coupler, pnuematic lines, trucks or sides in any great detail. I know there has to be something out on the Web or in books but I just can't seem to find it. Can anyone help?

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can steer me in the right direction!
Malcolm (EMail:) from Newburgh. on Sep 30 2003, 12:34 GMT
responded: Clark.

I found, but have not studied, the following link which may be of use or lead to one that is.

Wagon SSy

Rob (EMail:[email protected]) from Louisiana on Feb 13 2004, 19:41 GMT
responded: Looking for an H0 model of the USAT Whitcomb 65-ton, probably 65DE19a.

Following WWII, 20 were purchased by the dutch NS, and renumbered
601-619 (one used for spare parts).

Was there ever a 1:87 scale model produced of this loc ?
(other than Philotrain in the Netherlands, limited production of 230 of
USATC and NS versions in 1983).


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