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The place for like minded people to discuss "just about anything" railway.

Code Of Conduct

Generally speaking, discussions are allowed provided there is some link to railways, no matter how tenuous that might be. Debates are encouraged, though they must be kept civil at all times. Please read the following guidelines, and remember that it is the webmaster who holds the final say on the content of this site:

  • If it has anything to do with railways (prototype or model), please ask all you want
  • Do not use bad, blaspehmous or offensive language
  • Do not start character assaults (often called flame wars)
  • Do not start an "I am right therefore everyone else is an idiot" type of discussion
  • Do not start racist or religious debates
  • Do not use the site as a personal post box
  • If someone's tone, manner or questions irritates or offends, ignore their posting and send an email to the [email protected] quoting the full URL (i.e. and let the webmster take appropriate action.
  • If in doubt, send an EMail to [email protected] asking for guidance
  • If you see that someone has posted a discussion that violates these guidelines, please send an EMail to [email protected] asking for deletion

The webmaster retains the right to delete any discussion that infringes on any of the above without warning. In his absence, the webmster has authorised a number of assistant-moderators to act on his behalf. Any discussion which violates any of the above conditions will be deleted without warning whether that discussion contains any useful information or not.

Purely for information, in the past, the webmaster has deleted less than 0.1% of the content of this site. The site encourages the mature exchange of information. The vast majority of people do not need big brother watching over them, this is a friendly site, so let us keep it that way.

John Oxlade

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