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ForSale: HO Kadee Couplers for NEM Pockets

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Chris Campbell: EMail: [email protected]
Vancouver BC, Canada
ForSale: Hi everyone, I have just about completly sold off my HO collection now and have approx 90 Kadee NEM couplers left over. About 90% of these are #18 with a few #17 and #19 rounding out the lot. The #18's work well with just about all European rolling stock with NEM pockets. The longer #19s are good if you have long passenger coaches and tight curves. The shorter #17's are great for very close couple on rolling stock such as Brawa's. All are in mint fully working condition and I will include some of the small extra springs.

I would like to sell these as one large lot but may be willing to break them up into smaller lots. Retail on these is 2 pair for $4.00 US or $1 per coupler.( I am asking for $40 US for the whole lot or 50 cents a coupler for smaller lots. If you buy the whole lot I will throw in a few Kadee undertrack uncoupling magnets as bonus. Buyer to pay shipping costs. I can accept money orders by mail or PayPal online payments.

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