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ForSale: Large set of Fleischmann HO

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Jim Thomson: EMail: [email protected]
San Diego, CA 92122
ForSale: I have a fairly large size collection of Fleischmann HO trains, including quite a bit of engines and cars, track, switches, controls, roundtable, and assorted models. I lived in Germany as a child (1965 - 1967) and the majority of the trains and other items were bought in that period. My family moved back to the U.S. in 1968, and the trains have been stored since that time, many in their original boxes. There is a large number of passenger as well as freight trains. Engines include some very nice steam engines, as well as some diesel and electrical engines. I have always had great plans to set them up and do with my children as my father did with me, but having moved to San Diego in 1984 (pre-children), have just never had that extra room to do the set-up just. My job has required me to do a fair amount of travel to Europe over the last ten years, and I have added a number of Fleischmann engines and cars to my collection, again with the thoughts of doing a layout some day. These trains have never even been out of their original boxes. It appears that I will not be setting these up, and I am looking to sell them. Rather than piece mealing them out on ebay, I was hoping to find a collector who would be interested in the entire set. I have not established a price yet, but will do that once I have taken an inventory. I of course will also take some digital pictures for prospective buyers review. If you have an interest in receiving more info about this collection, contact Jim at [email protected].

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